Swarm Notebooks Overview


In development


The following pages are generated from the notebooks hosted at https://github.com/Swarm-DISC/Swarm_notebooks - they are also viewable with nbviewer.

They can be explored interactively on the VRE:

Notebook catalogue

These notebooks are organised according to a naming convention to categorise and allow for future development:

01a__<nbname>   Theme 1, subject a
01b__<nbname>   Theme 1, subject b
01b1_<nbname>   Theme 1, subject b, addendum 1
02a__<nbname>   Theme 2, subject a

Planned notebook names:

    [Introduction -general]
     - limited introductions to Python for data science
01a__Intro-Jupyter-Python.ipynb             DONE
01b1_Pandas-and-Plots.ipynb                 DONE
something about xarray                      NOT CONFIRMED

    [Introduction -VirES]
     - how to interact with VirES
02a__Intro-Swarm-viresclient.ipynb          DONE
02b__viresclient-Available-Data.ipynb       DONE
02c__viresclient-API.ipynb                  DONE
02d__viresclient-Large-Data.ipynb           DONE
02z1__Template-Basic                        DONE

    [VirES Demos]
     - demonstrations of each Swarm product (basic access and plotting)
03a1_Demo-MAGx_LR_1B.ipynb                  DONE
03a2_Demo-MAGx_HR_1B.ipynb                  DONE
03b__Demo-EFIx_LP_1B.ipynb                  DONE
03c__Demo-IPDxIRR_2F.ipynb                  DONE
03d__Demo-TECxTMS_2F.ipynb                  DONE
03e1_Demo-FACxTMS_2F.ipynb                  DONE
03e2_Demo-FAC_TMS_2F.ipynb                  DONE
03f__Demo-EEFxTMS_2F.ipynb                  DONE
03g__Demo-IBIxTMS_2F.ipynb                  DONE

    [Geomagnetic Models]
04a1_Geomag-Models-VirES.ipynb              DONE
04b1_Geomag-Models-eoxmagmod.ipynb          DONE

05a1_Polar-Region-Plots.ipynb               DONE


DONE:           currently in Swarm_notebooks repository
NOT CONFIRMED:  name could change / could be multiple notebooks

05: Ionosphere

  • Plasma properties, currents (FAC, AEJ …), auroral oval boundaries

Beyond Swarm_notebooks

These notebooks are demonstrations of the capabilities of Swarm data and the VirES/VRE platform. They are meant as a tutorial-like resource to help educate the community with showcases of certain tools (including Swarm-related Python packages). It is hoped that this will encourage the development of reproducible analyses as notebook repositories and of more generally applicable packages.